Punch-Out!! Gold Cartridge

This special gold Punch-Out!! Cartridge was released only in Japan as a prize for a Nintendo Famicom Golf Tournament. Only 10,000 ever produced.

The home console of Punch-Out!! launched in Japan ONLY as this special prize giveaway in Japan during September, 1987. The top 5,000 scorers in a Nintendo Famicom Golf: US Course tournament would receive a copy, with another 5,000 raffled off to those whose scores ended in 1, 2, 4, or 9 as well as those who managed to score a hole-in-one. This special Gold Edition of Punch-Out!! predates the release of all other NES and Famicom versions, marking the game’s first foray out of the arcades. The Gold Edition features slight differences from the later versions in color, music, and text, but remains functionally the same. The Gold Edition also ends after the bout against Super Macho Man, rather than after a bout versus Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream. Thankfully for Japanese Gamers, the home console version of the popular Mike Tyson edition of the game would release later that year to the general public--no contest required this time! 

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