One of the primary functions of the National Videogame Museum is to educate its visitors. The evolution of the videogame industry is really a fascinating story and we hope to present that story in not only an entertaining and interactive experience, but also as a valuable education.

Early on, videogames were looked at as toys or a fad that would soon fizzle-out.  We know today that isn’t true.  Of course videogames are fun to play, but thousands and thousands of people make very respectable livings in the videogame industry and related fields.

With the help of local educational institutions and software publishers and developers, we will offer programs, seminars, camps and workshops that we hope will give visitors an inside track to a rewarding career in the videogame industry.  We will also enlist the help of some of our many friends who played instrumental roles in pioneering the videogame industry in the early days.

Information on booking field trips and other events at NVM will be shared this season. Stay tuned!