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NVM Scavenger Hunt 2024

Celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day on Friday, May 24th, 2024. The National Videogame Museum is giving you the opportunity to take your adventures out of Hyrule and into real life thanks to our partners at Play Frisco – Parks & Recreation!

If you’re in the Frisco area, you can visit the Frisco Commons Park to search for 6 NVM treasure chests. The chests contain tickets to the NVM, special souvenir pins, and arcade tokens!

The Scavenger Hunt officially starts at 6am on Friday, May 24th!

The treasure chests won’t be hidden in plain sight, but you won’t have to climb trees, dig underground, or do anything other than keep a keen eye out for treasure to find them! If you happen to find our some of our NVM treasure, be sure to post a picture and tag us on social media – @nvmusa!

Happy Hunting!

  • New Exhibit – Pokémon
    New Exhibit – Pokémon

    In collaboration with Leonhart and Rare Candy, the N.V.M proudly presents our latest exhibit, featuring a chronicle of almost three decades of Pokemon history, trivia, and artifacts!

  • National Video Games Day 2023
    National Video Games Day 2023

    Come in on September 12th, National Video Games Day, and get double tokens for the arcade!

  • NVM Summer Hours 2023
    NVM Summer Hours 2023

    Check out NVM's Summer hours here for July-August!

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