Rise to the Challenge

Compete for Glory and High Scores at the National Videogame Museum

Want to spend extra time at the NVM to work on your high score? Consider Volunteering!

Unleash Your Skills

Welcome to the House Champions section, where gaming legends are made! Dive into a world of intense competition and arcade gameplay as you strive to conquer the NVM High Score board. Test your skills, set new records, and challenge yourself to reach new heights of gaming greatness. In order to compete, you must:

  • Set a High Score on one of the NVM Arcade* machines below
  • Send a photo to the NVM of your High Score

So grab your joystick, focus your mind, and get ready to chase those high scores that will go down in gaming history!

*High Score must be obtained on an Arcade machine located at the NVM

House Champions


Send Us Your High Score Information

To submit a high score, you can either email us with photo evidence at info@nvmusa.org or simply fill out the form below.