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Scholarship Opportunities at the National Videogame Museum

NVM Scholarships

The National Videogame Museum is devoted to chronicling and preserving our industry’s rich past but we also look to contribute to the future of the videogame and technology industries through our scholarship program. There are six different scholarship opportunities available to high school graduates and undergraduates pursuing careers in gaming or technology-based fields. four of the six are limited to Texas residents, but two are open to women across the country. The deadline to turn in an application is June 1st, 2024.

Unlock Your Potential

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements for Six Exclusive Opportunities

NVM Texas Frisco resident scholarship

The Frisco Texas Resident Scholarship aims to foster local talent and support the educational aspirations of students within the Frisco community. This scholarship provides a unique opportunity for Frisco residents to pursue their passions, with financial assistance and recognition from their own hometown. Applicants must be a current resident of Frisco, Texas.

NVM Texas Title 1
School Scholarship

This scholarship aims to provide opportunities for deserving students who have overcome challenges and demonstrated exceptional potential. Seize this chance to unlock your future and pursue your passion. Applicants must be a current resident of the state of Texas & must be graduating from a state of Texas designated Title 1 school. 

NVM Texas Resident Scholarship

The Texas Resident Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for passionate individuals who call Texas home. This scholarship celebrates the talent and potential of Texas residents, providing financial support to pursue their educational dreams. Applicants must currently be a resident of Texas.

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Gearbox Gives  Scholarship

Designed in collaboration with Gearbox Entertainment, this scholarship aims to fuel the passion and talent of aspiring game developers, providing them with financial assistance and invaluable industry exposure. Applicants must be a Texas resident, and plan to pursue a career path in the videogame industry.

Amie Dansby Women in Technology Awards

Amie Dansby’s Women in Technology Awards are a remarkable initiative aimed at empowering and encouraging women pursuing careers in technology and videogame design. Applicants must be a Female U.S. Resident, and plan to pursue a career path in technology or videogame design.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Download and fill out the “Scholarship Application” from the following link:

Step 2: E-mail the completed application and all applicable files to the following e-mail address:


*The deadline to turn in an application is June 1st, 2024.


Please note that as of June 1st, we have closed our scholarship application process for 2024. We’d like to thank all the enthusiastic applicants who applied to the National Videogame Museum scholarships. Rest assured, we will reopen our scholarship applications in Fall, offering more opportunities for aspiring individuals to pursue their dreams and passions in the world of gaming.

Contribute to the future

The National Videogame Museum is looking to our friends and sponsors to help us make these scholarships possible and to provide these opportunities to the students that represent the future of our industry and community. If you would like to help promote growth in STEM based academia through these scholarships, please contact us. Your donation will help several high school seniors who want to pursue technology and gaming-related careers. Help support the next generation of developers, coders and more!