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Engaging Field Trips at the National Videogame Museum

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Embark on a Learning Adventure

Step into the World of Gaming Education! Field trips at the National Videogame Museum offer a unique and interactive learning adventure for students of all ages. Immerse your students in the rich history and exciting innovations of the gaming industry as they explore our captivating exhibits, engage in hands-on activities, and discover the fascinating connections between technology, art, and storytelling. Fields Trips include:

  • Access to the Museum for all Students
  • 4 Arcade Tokens per Student
  • Activity Worksheets Available on Request
  • Discounts for Groups of 16 Students or More

Our field trips provide an educational and entertaining experience that sparks curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. To learn more, contact us by filling out the form below, and begin an unforgettable journey where learning meets fun!

Contact us for Field Trip information

To inquire about hosting a field trip at the NVM, you can either email us at info@nvmusa.org or simply fill out the form below.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly follow up with additional documentation specifically for field trips at the NVM!